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Graduate Students

Current (Ph.D.)

Amalee Wilson: Internship at Intel, Boston, MA.

Hadia Ahmed: Improving Performance Portability and Productivity of Parallel Scientific Applications for Exascale, August 2017 (expected).
Internships at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Graduated (Ph.D.)

Dr. Reed Milewicz: Improving the Scalability of Directed Model Checking of Concurrent Java Code through Hybrid and Distributed Analysis, August 2016.
First Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Sandia National Laboratory.
Internship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Graduated (M.S. - Thesis Option)

Sujan Khadka: FastNumerics: Compiling Matlab To C++, April 2016.
First Position: Uber Advanced Technologies Group, Pittsburg, PA.
Internship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Graduated (M.S.)

Juan Felipe Gonzalez (2015, Motorola Systems), Nick Dzugan (2016, Software Engineer at Walmart), Deekshitha Pasnoor (2016, BBVA Compass), Manasa Chitrashekar (2016, Perficient), Weida Tan (2017, Ph.D. student at UAB).

Ph.D. Committee Member

Current: Walker Haddock (UAB, Dr. Purushotham Bangalore)

Graduated: Dr. Jushua Yue (University of Alabama, Dr. Jeff Gray), Dr. Amin Hasani (UAB, Dr. Purushotham Bangalore), Dr. Sagar Thapaliya (UAB, Dr. Purushotham Bangalore).

Supervised Undergraduate Students

Nicholas Bowen: A lock-free dispatch data structure for pattern matching in C++, 2016.
First Position: (not yet graduated).

Rachel Adamec: Translating Matlab's Nargin to C++, 2016.
First Position: TBD

Sam Collie: Accelerating Runtime Error Checking Through Compile-time Check Elimination (Honors Project), presented at the ACM Southeast Conference, 2015.
First Position: TBD

Amalee Wilson: Translation of Matlab to C++ (Honors Project), presented at the ACM Southeast Conference (2015) and the UAB honors project and the University of Alabama honors project symposia (2016).
First Position: Ph.D. student in my research group.

Joshua Akpoebi Agberebi: OpenMP and Transactions, 2016.
First Position: TBD

Braden Groom: Improving Authorship Attribution Methods Using Compiler Information, presented at the ACM Southeast Conference, 2014.
First Position: Apple Inc.

Joshua Pritchett: A generator for secure but memorable passwords (with Kalyani Bhagat), 2014.
Internship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
First Position: Ph.D. student at UCLA

Kalyani Bhagat: A generator for secure but memorable passwords (with Joshua Pritchett), 2014
First Position: Blue Cross Blue Shields of Alabama.

Michael Gotfryd: implementation of a web based event management system for CIS, 2014.
First Position: Brasfield and Gorrie.

Atsuhiro Ishikawa (exchange student from Ibaraki University in Japan in Spring 2013, topic: UML bad smell detection and refactoring)

Supervised High School Students

Kayleigh Alexander (ASFA), Verifying Loop Termination of Java for Loops. (2nd place in CASEF and advanced to ASEF; won Excellence in Computer Science award). (May 2016-April 2017)

Quen Parson (ASFA), Optimizing Matrix Expressions. (May 2017-)

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